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Ultima Foods in a UAE based company which trades commodity and FMCG products. Connecting the East and West we are operating directly with suppliers, manufactures, wholesalers and retailers. We value our partners and customers, aiming to satisfy their needs through gradual expansion of our capacity. With a global network, we offer a diverse range of agricultural products such as grain, soya beans, sunflower oil, flour, variates of chicken and beef meat. We appreciate the support of our partners, suppliers, and customers for our steady growth and believe in long-term business relationships. Our symbol is the acacia tree, which able to thrive and grow even in the desert, as a reflection of the strength and resilience of our company. Also, for us, this tree is a reflection of our commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of natural resources.
Ultima Foods advantages
We rely on leading global practices in providing products and services to our clients, constantly developing and improving our solutions.
We provide services in the territory of Russia, the European Union, and the Middle Eastern region.
Best global practices
Wide geographical coverage of operations
We deliver a high level of professional supply and delivery service to our clients, providing cost-effective, proven, and balanced solutions.
We adhere to high standards of confidentiality for the information we receive.
Trust and confidentiality
We are one of the most professional and experienced teams in the food market, with each expert having over 10 years of experience.
Mutually beneficial and successful relationships are our priority when it comes to our partners.
International-level experts
We work towards achieving results
Our values
Best products
We provide best commodity and FMCG products from different countries and continents. Following market trends, we regular update our products portfolio to be in line with customers and consumers needs.
Service 360 degree
In corporate business, as in life, success depends on the well-coordinated work of the team. Ultima Foods provides buying and selling services, delivery, market analytics and financial services.
Partnership is a key priority for us, our aim is to grow the business with our customers by building long-term relationships and trust.
The team is the key to success. We create strong teams for the benefit of our clients. All our line managers have more than 10 years of experience in commodity and FMCG market.
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